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Term Deposit/Special Term Deposit Account

Term Deposit / Special Term Deposit Account

Term Deposit is a basic time deposit scheme in which Company can deposit funds for specified maturity periods and earn higher rate of interest.

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Features of Term Deposit Accounts
  • Minimum Amount : ZAR 10,000. Maximum: no limit
  • Term varies from 1 month to 60 months
  • Choose your maturity date and invest
  • Earn fixed interest rate for entire term of the deposit
  • No monthly transactional fees
  • Interest is paid monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly or on maturity
  • Early withdrawal of funds is not allowed except under extreme circumstances as a matter of discretion but with penalty fees
  • Funds on maturity will be handled as per your instructions.
  • Automatic renewal facility on due date for a similar period as the original period as rate prevailing on due date
  • For emergency needs, avail easy loans (Loan up to 90% is given with small interest spread)
Features of Special Term Deposit Accounts
  • Higher rates of interest on the following special term deposits:
  • Minimum amount: ZAR 25,000. Maximum: no limit
  • Quarterly compounding of interest
  • Interest is paid on maturity only
  • Interest rate provided by CFO and /or VP treasury.
Interest Rates

Please click on Interest rates for detail of interest rates in Term Deposit Account / Special Term Deposit Account.

Opening of Term Deposit Accounts

Customers can give instructions to Johannesburg branch for opening of Term deposit accounts. Retail customers can also open Term Deposit Accounts themselves by using internet banking facility.

Opening of Term Deposit Accounts (e-TDR) through internet banking

Retail customers can open Term Deposit Accounts (e-TDR) by using internet banking facility. The facility is available under the option ‘Services’ at Bank’s internet banking site. Customers can also choose various options for proceeds of Term Deposit amount on maturity – Credit the principal and interest amount in SB account, Renew the principal amount and credit the interest in SB account, Renew the Term deposit with principal and interest amount.