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Position of Key Individual cum Manager Retail
  1. Must be registered as Key Individual with Financial Sector Conduct Authority for a bank
  2. Should be registered as a representative for categories -1.15 Forex Investments (for the minimum of last two years in a Bank), 1.17 and 1.18 Long- and short-term deposits (for the minimum last Six Months) in a Bank.
  3. Has worked in a management/supervisory position in Retail and have experience in General Banking viz EFT/RTGS/Remittance/Account Opening/forex.
  4. Salary is negotiable
  5. Inquiries/CVs can be sent to Mr Kavindra Mohan Joshi- and 00-27-11-778-4506
Position:   Head Finance


Qualification & Experience

1. Must possess a Bachelor of Commerce degree

2. Must have minimum 5 years’ experience in a Finance function within a Bank

3. Must possess managerial experience in mid-level management position

4. Must be well versed with IFRS 9 standards within a bank

5. Must have sufficient knowledge in regulatory reporting

6. Must have sufficient knowledge of the regulatory framework within which a bank operates, including but not limited to accounting methodologies, prudential ratios, & tax related matters

7. Additional preference will be given to candidates with some risk management experience within the banking environment.


Roles & Responsibilities - Head Finance

1. The candidate is expected to setup the finance function within the bank as per the established reporting structure

2. Compiling all financial reports in consultation with the department/divisional heads.

3. Oversight of all the taxation matters such as VAT, Income Tax, Payroll taxes etc. at the bank.

4. Responsible for ensuring integrity, accuracy and completeness of financial data

5. Overseeing the entire Bank’s fiscal operating results in compliance with all accounting principles (including regulatory agencies, government policies and local laws) for ensuring & safeguarding the Bank’s interests in consultation with other department heads.

6. Reviewing of all major MIS returns prepared by various department heads as well as presenting it to the Banks management in consultation with the Country Head & CEO.

7. Preparing for and ensuring completion of Annual financial statements and related returns in consultation with department heads and statutory auditors.

8. Oversee the preparation and submission of quarterly financial reports and returns to be submitted to the head Office.

9. Responsible for liaising with the external / Internal auditors regarding financial statements & reporting.

10. Oversight on the implementation of the IFRS reporting standards within the Bank

Inquiries/CVs can be sent to Mr Mr Kavindra Mohan Joshi- & 00-27-11-778-4506