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Retail Internet Banking (RINB) facility is provided to individuals on submission of Retail Internet Banking form at the time of opening new Savings Bank / Current account with the Bank. Customers are provided with login User ID and Password for accessing Bank’s internet banking website First 9 digits of the account is User ID for internet banking (eg. 326123456 is user ID for account no. 32612345610101). Customers should change the password immediately after first login to the website. They must keep their password secret, and should not share it with anybody.

Existing customers of the Bank can avail the facility by submitting the Retail Internet Banking form at the branch.

If you use a wrong password for login more than 3 times, your internet banking account will be locked. The account will be un-locked by the branch only on verifying credentials like identity details, registered cell no, email ID etc. of the customer.

In case you have forgotten the password, you can get a new password from your nearest branch by submitting Internet Banking Password Reset form along with proof of identity like copy of Passport/ South African ID.

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