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Wherever you are, remitting money to India and to rest of the world couldn't be made easier. We offer easy, effective, and efficient remittances. You can send remittance to your beneficiary’s account in India/elsewhere from your SBI South Africa bank account. Salient features of this facility are as under

  • Facilitates remittances to anywhere in the world/ to any part in India.
  • Beneficiary's account, if maintained with SBI (India), within 1 business day of receipt of message.
  • Accounts of beneficiaries in other Banks will be credited within 2 business days.
  • Remitters to provide the following information while sending remittance:
    1. Account number of the beneficiary
    2. Full name and complete address of beneficiary
    3. Bank, Branch Code / IFSC Code
    4. Full name, address, and account number of the remitter
    5. Purpose of remittance
    6. Details of correspondent / intermediary Bank, in case if remitting bank is not direct correspondent of State Bank of India.


Please email to us on for more details.

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